I became interested in music as a child watching my father play his steel guitar. He brought it back from Florida then I began teaching myself to play it. Since then the guitar has been a close companion absorbing all my spare time. Considering that I played every chance I get, maybe it’s the other way around. My home is still filled with music.
Not long ago I clicked on my daughter’s voice note and was blessed to here her personalize a version to one of my songs.
St. Elizabeth Jamaica.
It is late afternoon and the birds are settling in for the night. The road is still warm to my feet from the blistering heat. A lone happy hour patron sips on a Red Stripe. It won’t be long now.  This little town square will be the center of attraction. The locals will compete to prove their hand with a deck of cards or on the pool table. It’s been a long time, but I remember well my childhood home in Newell, St. Elizabeth, Jamaica WI. My father, the Tailor, played the Steel Guitar.  Cepheus, the Shoemaker, played the Banjo, and Jakie, the Farmer, played acoustic, and me on air guitar. I was such a happy lad.

It was there and then, I began learning guitar. I was a promising student in English and a model student in Math. Then I added a music workshop outfitted with guitars and pianos. My music teacher was impressed with how I played my father’s steel guitar, a positive reinforcement that was to influence the rest of my life.

Music is to be heard anywhere at any time. As a musician, my own life is enriched with playing, writing and producing music. I have never heard anyone express their disdain for music. I want to breach the barriers of hate with music. Right now Reggae is the best way to describe my style of music. Reggae offers me the vantage point to meet and greet all styles of musical expression. With today’s technology, I can’t imagine what will emerge and be lasting. I believe the guitar will be the continued superstar. Guitar players will continue to break the sound barrier, and reflect the generation much like the Beatles. Not forgetting all the other greats, and all the unsung heroes that influence them. There are many artists that I admire. Bob Marley is my number one. Besides being a master in reggae music, life in all its twists and turns embrace him. He was hot or he was cold, whatever one’s opinion might be, he was not a placid performer.

I began my ambition for music as my father and his friends played the bars, and I watched from afar. I have played the clubs a time or two, but never until I played in the spirit of God did I feel what I saw as my father played that old steel guitar. Life is filled with twists and turns, but God watches us all. I hope this project will be the release of all the inspiration and aspiration my soul has to offer musically. GB

Brooklyn New York.
Thanks for visiting my page, I’m glad you are here. Say what you think about, and download if you do. If you don’t like, tell me. I would like to know.
All the instrument are played by me with a GR30. A GNX1 guitar Processor.The drum tracks were done with a idm02. The recording is with a Tascam 2488 neo. The guitar is a Rockwood Pro.
I’m completely self taught on the use of all this equipment, writing and producing as ago. All this for less than $1500. An avid bargain hunter but as for my experience in reggae music I’m priceless, simply confounding to the wise and prudent.
I remember my first plane flight from Jamaica to Queens New York. From warm and sunny Jamaica to the blistering January winter in Brooklyn New York. From my window seat the city lights were like flying above the stars. On the ground I left the airport with my head hanging out the car window. My ears was so cold but I always drive with my head out the window. I thought that after a few miles the wind would warm up. Mom have me some ear muffs and globes and dropped me off at Winthrop Junior High in the year 1975 in the dead of winter.
In less than a week I was enrolled in school. You could say I hit the ground running. In a culture shock I went from Junior High to college in four years. That was until I used my college grant to buy a Gibson Les Paul from Sam Ash in Manhattan. With that I played the reggae clubs some of Jamaica’s reggae finest. There I met the most attractive girl I’ve ever seen and got married in 1985.
For the first time in life music took a back seat in my heart. Now I have a wife three children and a Sunburst Les Paul Gibson Guitar and Living in Tennessee USA. The land of The Blues and Country music. No one I met there has ever heard of reggae or Bob Marley. Everybody wanted to know where I’m from and how I learned to play that Island style music. I’m from Jamaica I replied, that’s how we rock. I never did fit in the Bible Belt of Cleveland or Memphis, but it’s all good. I sponsored a gospel reggae concert with Newly converted Dobby Dobson as the head liner. I financed it with cd’s I recorded and sold to my co-workers and church friends. By now the kids are all grown up and I had already pawned my Sunburst Gibson Les Paul for a trip to my father’a funeral in Brooklyn New York. If you don’t find this very interesting musically, stay tuned it get’s more main stream.

It’s by accident I came across Songcast. The process was so easy to upload and distribute. Before I knew what I was doing I started clicking away on my iPhone. Who know’s I just might buy another Gibson Les Paul. That darn thing is so heavy I’ll have to sit when I play. Maybe I’ll get that one Bob Marley used. In the future indie music might ask more of me. It’s all good, God is good. Whatever I’ve given up for the love of God will be returned many times over. And if not It was fun.



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