Evangelism required.

Before we experience revival we need to evangelize our churches.
Forty days after the resurrection Jesus walked among the people showing Himself. Prior to His death he lived for thirty-three years preparing for that death, burial and resurrection.
If we were to die and be resurrected, would we do the same? If we die to Him we now live in Him. Let’s show ourselves projecting a resurrected Christ to the world. This is the single most important purpose for every believer. By the example of the resurrected Christ, evangelism is the only option.

By example of Jesus appearing to many of His followers proves that even Christians needs to be evangelized. The gospel is making appearances in all forms of media, and that’s very good. Unfortunately here there is no touching of the Body Of Christ to handle Him. In our tents of meetings we have substituted ourselves for well promoted productions on stage. I truly enjoy the talents that appears From our stages, but I miss the handeling of The Body Of Christ. I’m not saying it doesn’t exist, but it appears to be in hiding or too spiritual to be seen globally. While we wait for His appearance globally let every believer show Him globally by example of the forty days Christ showed Himself before departing.

◄ 2 Timothy 4:5 ►


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