A so we dance so we free

Fight on
We are here today
gone tomorrow
Like blowing dust in the wind
A so I dance asowe we free.

I worship the man of my flesh and bone.
Lord know’s how he persecute me.
I worship in a Spirit tried and true.
A so we dance a so we free.
We are spirit tried and true.

Projecting thy will
Oh Lord my God.
Cause it is you that I pool from.
The the great I am.

From dust I am
And to dust I return
Here today and gone tomorrow.
Sowe dance asowe free.
Son of man will you dance with me.
You are The I am that I am
And I worship you in spirit.
As the story goes oh righteous man in his time.
We are righteous in our time.
Evel without yet righteous within.
A warrior’s gate between heaven and hell,
The Devil without and Jesus within.
Like two sides of a coin paying dues.
But the gates of hell will not prevail
Because greater is He than is within
than he that is without.
There is a battle raging in my heart.
The battle is won
my soul is save
Still I must fight for my place in the promise land.
There are times when we are week
But glory be to God
He won the war
My soul is saved.
Fight on till you reach the promise land
The battle might be hard
The battle might be long
But rest assured the war is won. Repeat


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