Crossing Over

This life it’s not warm and cozy.
Like a candle’s glow from a flickering flame.
It’s as cold as the universe and hot like hell.
It’s like slow moving lava creeping under ground.
It’s the blast of an overnight sensation A flash of lightning
surfacing the planet with tributes of Hell.
But on the revelation of Jesus Christ,
We are moving steady.
Steady and there she goes.
Before and beyond the bands of religion.
Nestled in the stars beyond comprehension.
Abraham’s searched a nomadic few.
To the Deliverer’s Cross for the whole crew.
That flickering flame of a consuming fire.
Jesus came and took us
As the four winds blow in every direction.
Blow that trumpet in every nation.
To the bridge we are Crossing over.
No glory in a woman
No glory in a man
To the bridge we crossing over. GB