Is pain is a sensation that tells our bodies are in danger? Is sadness our minds way of warning our soul of coming danger? design to protect us from ourselves. Do the word we speak rule our souls?
The next time you hear the phrase ‘Oh God’ or someone scream Jesus Christ,'(or even blankidy blank) take note. The words we say are a god unto ourselves in the unseen world. Be it good or bad we are subjected to our words.
Is my eye a window to my soul and a kiss the signature of my hearts? Words are empowered to reveal our heart. That’s not so original, we know what we hear and say what we believe to be true. I’m honored and accountable for every word I say. Be it good bad or just idle chatter. If I could? I would tag this with God by definition. Looking with my eyes I see more than I understand and in my spirit I understand more than I can explain.
The thing we wish to do for Christ in this world must come from His church. We often take the gospel in our own hands in the name of truth and revelation. But when we arise for Christ, like a fad across nations, the world will identify us with the Son of God. Till then we preach and teach and at times grow weary. Taking matters on our own, we create ministries and slogans to match. Murmuring an complaining as though God has prolong His return.
The gospel is a two edge sword equally necessary that the righteous accept Christ and the unrighteous reject Him. There is no other way except the way of the cross. Christ Himself wondered at a possible alternative. He said, if it be possible, let this cup pass from me? The rest is history.




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