Love your enemy as yourself.

It is believed that God sent His Son Jesus from heaven even to the grave. In so doing He raised the standard of life among us, broadcasting that faith in Him is the standard for life.
Who is my enemy and who will save me? I am my own worst enemy. The Lord strong and mighty King of glory will save me from myself.
Time is a sacred thing, measured by a scared universe, which is sustained by our sacred Savior. We should protect our heart as He does His creation.
Carnally I am an enemy of God. When the enemy comes like a flood the standard is raised, and I am humbled. Who is my enemy? The Lord strong and mighty who saves me from myself. Let’s not think of ourselves more highly than we should.
There is only one good and that is God the Father who sent us His Son Jesus Christ to save believers from hell. Where our worms don’t die.
It is difficult for a rich person to enter into the joy and peace of heaven. Because by our own standard most will say in their heart, who is God?
We are all guilty of such merchandizing and suffer the righteous indignation of God. As it is written, ‘a rich man’s poverty is a poor man’s lack. ‘The poor will always be with us.’ Anyway, the kingdom of heaven is not meat or drink but it is joy and peace in the Holy Ghost.



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