The law of Love

Revelation knowledge
By the inspiration of God men wrote the word of God. Transcending their feelings and law they learned God. All the while obeying the law of love without violating the truth of scripture. Never compromise the knowledge of the Word for the feelings of our emotions.
On an emotion scale truth and lie feels the same way. Discernment of them is a back drop of the written Word of God.
The way we feel now is not a compass to who we are. To deny ourselves for the truth of God embraces the Word of God above our own feelings. How can the created man judge the bible and his creator based on his own feelings? Such a person does not regard God and the knowledge of His Word. It is the age old lie of judging God based on our own knowledge of Good and Evil. Often times to satisfy ourselves we get high on our sense of being. Like Adam and Eve we are drawn away by our own lust from harmony with God. So Christ came and as the Word made flesh, fulfilled the law of Love. Let’s not forget the love of the law. GB



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