Faulty and Salty are opposing twins from birth. They are codependent in spite of their opposing point of view and one would not exist without the other.
Faulty is more anonymous and is mostly very discreet in practice. Salty has a very overt personality with a dominating presence.
Salty is instructed to confide in faulty in order to maintain its savor. In doing so, faulty confess to benefiting from the healing virtues salty exhibits.
Confess your faults one to another so that you might be healed because if salt has lost its savor it serves no purpose.
Faulty is a born again believer in Jesus saved by grace, confessing to be unchristian in ways Salty isn’t . Salty is bound in its its composition to be perfectly salty or suffer the consequence of God’s law.
If you had a choice to be Faulty or Salty, who would you be. Or would you prefer to be a mixer of the two. GB