I’m Alive


The way to come alive is by saturating my minds with the vocabulary of Jesus. It’s the only way. I do that by reading and becoming delighted in it. It gets into my spirit like the hook to a good song. An acquired taste that is hard to forget. Remember mom’s apple pie, neck bones, chicken soup or the smell of sweat on dad’s sweaty hat. It might even be that expensive pair of shoe ripped up by your dog. Whatever. No matter how far you go there is that burning desire to return to your heart’s desire just one more time. It’s the same way with  God.  

For a time it is necessary to remove or sanctify ourselves from whatever it is that competes with God for your desire. When you are willing to sacrifice that desire and meditate on the Word of God? God will in turn return you to the things that we are most passionate about. All things will be added unto us by a promise in the Word of God. My desire is to do everything with passion because the law of God, morally correct is written in my heart and His love makes me come alive. As capable as God the creator is, He has covenanted Himself with us in the survival of human life my hope of glory.GB



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