We’re So Messy

We’re So Messy
In the book of Genesis I see all things created by God.
I see, Angels, Stars, Planets, Plants, Animals, Insects, Water Earth, Man and Woman. If I have left anything out, have fun making your own list. For example, did God make water or did He move upon it. LOL
Except for angels everything was made to reproduce after it’s own kind. We have manipulated every thing and what a mess of things we are making. Things are so out of control that we don’t even want to be man and woman anymore. The work of our hands is taking over our very souls. The graven image has become us. The Grace and Mercy of God allocated to mankind is almost over. The work of the Holy Spirit and the church is at an expected climax. We are heaven bound in the twinkle of an eye and without the use of technology.
I like the way Jesus has overcome all these evil intensional works of Satan in the world. On an old wooden cross. It’s like an insult to the highest intelligence of everything man made or post humanism.
Now we messing around with TransHumanism, Singularity and we are clearly out of our league with our head in the sand. Because as the devil has beguiled Eve so shall we be taken away from the simplicity that is in Christ. ◄ 2 Corinthians 11:3 ►
What a mess of things we have made in such a shot time.


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