Try this on for size

Isaiah 26:4 ASV
Trust ye in Jehovah for ever; for in Jehovah, even Jehovah, is an everlasting rock.
Try this on for size.
My father was a professional taylor. He made garments to fit any body shape and he never charged extra for that. His customers were mostly of the hard working poor. Many times with his customers he would use this phrase. ‘Try this on for size.’ Let’s see how it fits. When a jacket would fit perfectly according to his measurement, he was very happy. Producing more than he could sell. In a time when the garment industry became increasingly self service and ready made. Manufacturing more than we can buy.
As we increase from faith to faith and glory to glory. Evaluating ourselves according to the Word of God. We begin each day as it is the first and last. Lord knows That’s not easy to do.
Giving out of lack can be more unto God than giving out of an abundance. Our meager jester in this life can be very resourceful in the store house of God.
Like a farmer, Christ has planted His crop in the earth and expects to make a profit in His return. Rewarding His servants equally. Regardless of how long they have been serving . A benefit to us in the kingdom of heaven. So many of us labor night and day even without the benefit of a good paying job. A good steward is, profitable in the kingdom of God. No matter the gifting or talent, the amount of faith we have should be used. Use it or lose it because faith without works is a dead, as the saying goes. A bible truth that is not adjusted by our unemployment rate.
Some will store up their abundance while other men suffer need. That is a sinful way to be. Some live in need while storing for an expected rainy day, that’s sinful too. Trust in God, say no to drugs, stop hanging out with the lawless, and all that. ‘Take no thought of what you will eat or drink or wear’ Our Heavenly Father knows what we need…. It’s Jesus way of telling us not to worry. He takes care of anyone who will trust in Him. His Spirit is Holy and cannot be merchandised like a garment.
Being poor does not constitutes favor with God anymore than being rich. I’m
living today like it’s the first and last. According to my own measure of faith.
Christ example among us is that he made himself poor, not boasting of His own wealth in heaven. Together as sons of God we can access that faith. He is first and last, beginning and end.
He said that with faith all things are possible. Try yours on for size. See how you fit in the kingdom of God.


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