Good Loving

Washed my car listening to the top 55 summer songs on aol radio. # 55 I’m gana soak up the sun, before it goes out on me…… # 1 ‘Jamming’ straight from yard by Bob Marley.
Car’s looking clean, now for some studio time.
To satisfy my soul.
Movies later to start her weekend
and to start my week.
But only if she feels like it.
Life is a forever in Christ.
Live it well cause He won’t be denied.
Life is good for the good and pure for the pure.
Paying tithe, paying bills it’s all good.
A good life is not free.
A good wife is not cheap.
Her love is beyond anything money can buy.
Love is priceless to your neighbor and to yourself.
God is love and He won’t be denied.
Love is for somebody like unto yourself.
Love is for any and everyone
I can see it now.


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