At a Glance
At A Glance.
I heard briefly on the radio that two hundred million turkeys will die this thanks giving. Profiting at four billion dollars. Why does the president always pardon his turkey? What does that really mean. If there’s a message in that I don’t get it. There must be a special turkey farm some where for those turkey and their eggs. Lol
Now this:
God instructed us to be vegetarians, right? So why was Cain’s sacrificial offering not acceptable to God? Can we say assuredly that he did not give his very best, as Abel did? Would you accuse God to be in respect of persons? Are we not all made in the likeness of God? Is our God not true and just? Of course He is all that and more. Much more.
If your only response is that God is God and He does as He very well please. I must tell you that you are no fun at all. Try this spirit and see if it is of God.
The first evidence of hiding our sin and shame was found in Eden, as our naked and spiritually dead body had to be covered. Why did God not continue to use needle and thread? Later on in the New Testament it is learned that without the shedding of blood, there is no forgiveness of sin.
Sin-Ting (A we’d iras)
Iras – a satellite launched in 1983 that maps radiation in the sky. LoL. God help us, we know not what we do. Laughter is good for the soul but no one laughs at a serious joke.

Sin entered our world in Eden and introduced the world to the law of sin and death. All men alive are born in sin and will die in sin, if we don’t repent and say sorry. Why is sayings sorry so hard? And often not enough to be forgiven. It’s a hard life my friends.
At first glance it would appear that God is bloody thirsty. But by the law of sin and death, salvation in Christ is man’s only hope for the Good Life. So God challenge the law of sin and death to save us.
The blood of animals, fruits or vegetables is not sufficient to overcome the law of sin and death.
That was just a shadow of Him who brushed His heal stepping on Satan’s head. It is God who so love the world, He gave his only begotten Son. That whosoever believes in Him shall not perish but have everlasting life.
To Die For
Would you die for me? He’ll no.
It is not necessary to die for a righteous man, but for an unrighteous man.
At a glance neither Cain or Abel knew that Jesus Christ, Son of God would die on the cross. Shedding His righteous blood for the sins of entire world. But still when we don’t do well, sin is at our door waiting to come in. Like a clever lizard on a cold winter’s day.
It doesn’t matter if we are sin conscious or not. The law of sin and death is the fabric of our lives.
When the good news of salvation is preached in every nation, God will call His people home. When the cry of the world, will have reach the throne of God. The end will come as it did for Sodom.
Fire! Fire!
In Sodom and Gomorra there was no righteous except for Lot’s blood line to Abraham. Then his connection to God by Abraham had absolutely no effect on that city. The cry of that city was so great that the Angel of The Lord destroyed it by fire.
Rained down from the heavens. Why is Nasa tracking every known astroid? And how did we missed that one that exploded in Russia? Oh well.
When the church of God is taken away from the world as was Lot from Sodom and Gomorra. Who will be the salt of the world by the blood of Jesus? It won’t be me cause I won’t be looking back as did lot’s wife.
At a glance, God said that He made coats of skin for Adam and Eve. Who is to say that He killed an animal for that. Still that does not change the Word as it states, (there is no forgiveness of sin without the shed blood of Jesus.) just a little something to chew on over turkey.
Happy Thanksgiving Day.
GB 2014.


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