Pray A Word

God Knows
Today I meditated on this:
Excitedly Jesus told Peter ‘ you are Peter on this rock I will build my church’
Some time later in a very agonizing prayer, Jesus said to Peter and two others. ‘ couldn’t you guys stay awake with me while I Pray’ Christ was asking His Father God that if it’s possible to find another way to salvation. Considering the statement He had already Made to Peter about how he will build His church. What if Peter would have stayed up in prayer with Jesus. Have you ever been to prayer meeting on a Wednesday night. Out of five hundred only five show up. And even with so few, God work miracles that changes things. 
There’s no way Jesus could have not gone to the cross. The Old Testament said He would and it had to be. Just like Jesus told Peter before hand, that before the rooster crows he Peter would deny Him three times.
Prayer changes things, when we do not contradict the Word of God. Then we can ask whatsoever we will in Christ name. As sure as a rooster crows, God already knows. It’s up to us.


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