My God Man

My God man.
Once upon a time Jesus said to Israel that a little leaven leaven the whole loaf. Of His own life, God took on the nature of sin and remain sinless. Proving that sin has no power over righteousness.
The integrity of anything is that it is true to itself. By the example of being hot or cold. To choose to be full of sin or to be completely righteous in Christ. He is the last and worthy sacrifice unto God.
All men are full of sin through and through. There is none good not one, only God is good. Jesus Christ is the last possible hope in being righteous. Every other avenue of being atoned to God has failed. Mankind in general will always dispute his Maker, but all other forces of life has already come to this conclusion. Every angel, every demon and even the universe anxiously awaited for the dispensation of mankind.
Let them that are righteous be righteous and those that are evil be evil still. Choose this day to be what you are because all hypocritical things without full integrity in The Father Son and Holy Ghost by the death of Christ will be proven in judgement to be a lost soul. Christ has given all mankind. Jews and Gentile the right to be atoned to God by His grace and mercy to die for the sins of the world. My God man.
There are other religions of people that are true to their belief. To whom we have no right to judge. It is better not knowing the person of Jesus, than to know and be hardened in disbelief.


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