In His Presence

In His Presence
The first and only reaction to sin is to hide ourselves. Have you ever notice how an infant tries to hide when they disobey their parents? The most revealing guilt is their expression when confronted. As a parent we can tell without being told exactly what the child did or intended to do. As we too experience the same things daily. But that poor child is new to sin. We as adults can say, been there done that.
Transparency has the most liberating effect on us humans. But confessing and praying will heal our encounters against God. Confessing one to another and praying to The Father by His Son. Who gave His life ransomed for us. The alpha and Omega.
Transparency is to heaven what gravity is to earth. Just a short trip above ground and every man weighs the same. But hear in the confines of earth, gravity binds us to the ground. Dust we are and to dust we return. Who among us can float up into the open sky and return the same way? Jesus did and will return.
A soul that is free has an open heart that goes in and out at will and finds pasture. Shepard by Christ. While a soul that is bound, carries a heavy heart habitable to diverse spirits.
If you know someone a beloved of God? Don’t be afraid to be known by that person. Let the light of God illuminate the dark places where pride originates and be healed. We are all sinners sick unto death. Ashamed to the gospel of power to salvation.
No one alive no longer needs salvation to be healed. Him who is forgiven much, loves much. So according to James 5:16 Open your heart in the presence of God.
If you like this article? then you should pray for me, as I already am praying for you.
I don’t need to know about the cookies you stole from your manna’s jar. We all born sinners to the god of this world. That Liar, that thief who murders from the beginning. Confess of your repentance throwing off that weight. That sin that beset us all.
Parents by nature is our greatest influence. But God is the creator of all things. In Him we live and breathe and in His presence we are loved.



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