Shake My Salt

Shake My Salt
I know that God so love the world He sent Jesus. Who was accused to be a friend sinners.
He died a sacrifice unto God. Then He arose to take His rightful place. Sending us the ministry of the Holy Spirit. Not to befriend sinners but guide believers in all truth.
Now the only true friend a sinner has is a Christian who is the salt of the earth. Accused as haters for speaking the gospel of truth. Like salt from a shaker we minister Truth. Accused not by the sinners, but by believers blaspheming the truth.
Non-believer cares very little about what religion has to say. But not to worry, because the falling away from the Spirit of truth is a prophecy of Perdition. If that time is still yet to come? Can you imagine a life without the the Holy Spirit of truth.
The things we entertain now would be considered blaspheme back in the day. And time waits for no one.
What are the requirements of a new world order that excites or leaders. It’s a bug is in a web and the spider walks free. Defining laws for the lawless. But not to worry, all these things must be. If that’s enough for you, who I’m I to differ?
Will you shake your salt or have you lost your flavor?
Ministry was easy when we sing ‘Mary had a little lamb’ Then we realize that His feet are not white as snow. That He never followed after Mary. He followed after Father God. The caravan left Him at the temple. Reasoning skillfully with people out of His league.



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