Father Knows Best

Father Knows Best
Every task takes preparation.
If not we can only expect mediocracy.
So full of potential with little or accomplishment.
But when you have done your best,
that’s all God expects.
Father knows best.
He made you as you are.
So sanctify and be ready.
A man’s best is more than a any mediocracy.
So fill your cup and let it run over
Half empty and half full,
There is two much of that.
God only knows.
So sanctify yourself little man
My learned friend.
Our words are not our own.
Father knows best.
Father knows best.
When you see the Father, you know you ready.
It’s been so long and still you say show me.
When you see The Son you see the Father.
Like He said, I and The Father is One.
Even as you and I are One.
Sanctify yourself little man,
Oh learner friend.
If a man is all you know
You need to sanctify yourself.
Father knows best
Our Father knows best.
He’ll only ask us to do what we are gifted far.
No judge, no condemnation
for the justified.
So we sanctify so we be ready.
Who He call He Sanctify
Who he sanctify He Justify
To be conformed to the image of His Son
And Father knows best.
Our Father knows best.
Not by might or by power but by My Spirit says The Lord.
Father knows best
Our Father knows best.



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