Old Pharisee

You Old Pharisee
Holiness is God in action doing whatever necessary to fulfill His Word.
Or we could say His Word accomplishing His will by any means necessary.
If there was another way He would have told us.
So in all thy getting, get this.
Without holiness no man see’s God.
So be ye holy as He is holy.

Righteousness came by way of Israel.
But unless our righteousness exceed that of the Scribes and Pharisee,
There is no claim to reign.
Tracing backwards has no future reign.
you old pharisee.
With so much to say
And so much to write.
But you will not enter into the kingdom of God.
Making your selves a mockery for others to see.
You old Pharisee.
Forsaking the teaching of Jesus Christ.
With so much knowledge, and so much wisdom.
Falling short of understanding.
You old Pharisee.
Making mockery for others to see.
Return to your closet and there you must pray.
You old Pharisee
Don’t let your right hand know
What your left hand do.
You old Pharisee.



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