I See Now

I See Now
The bible is true that without vision people perish.
Where there is no vision people suffer.
Sometimes an individual can predict the future.
That God has allowed them to see.
But then, lifted up in pride
Loosing sight of the here and now
Our faith for the future is stronger
Than our faith here and now.
Having hope without substance
And pride in things we can’t see.
Forever close and yet so far.

The bible is true in this too.
God is a lamp unto our feet.
Guiding our steps from day to day.
Step by step He leads the way.
So if your life is full of darkness
Bow your head and pray.
Take it one step at a time
One day at a time.
And if your life shines bright
As the noon day sun.
Lift your head and pray
Because between now and then
There are many nights and days to a vision.
Its all good in God when we pray.


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