You Are What You Eat

You Are What You Eat.
As a man thinks in his heart so is he.
What you think becomes you
Except for those tossed to and fro by winds of doctrine.
Whose hearts are filled with doubt. 
They are not hot or cold 
Lacks passion but is filled with emotions of evil.
Accountable to no one or for anything. 
Just a bad taste in God mouth.
Disgraced and forgotten.
Who am I to complain that they tarry long. 
As for me I will follow Christ.
Lovers of themselves more than lovers of God.
Liars thief’s and murders whose mouth is better sweet.
Whose father is no other than the devil.
The children of God is identified by their love one to another.
Joined together in the The Father Son and Holy Ghost.
Humble and holy, meditating always in God’s presence.
In the company of angles we learn to bow in reverence of Him who is able to destroy body and soul.
Almighty God is His name
Ruler of Heaven and earth.
Whose Words are food for my soul.
Embodied in the person of Jesus Christ.
Enforced by the power of The Holy Ghost
Manifested today in the church of God.
To which I belong and who we are.
No longer I but Christ who lives in me.
So I say words are like food
You are what you eat.