See Here Now

“See Here Now”
In as much as we strive to excel in knowledge and business, we should even more strive to live in what we know of Jesus. The truth we know will set us free. There are no single heroes before Him.
To him that knows much, much is required. The days of a hero is behind us. These are the days of every individual living in accordance with what they have learned of God. When trials, tribulations, pestilence, and all manner of evil comes, our relationship and integrity with Jesus Christ will be the deciding factor. Miracles will follow believers acting in one accord, though we be of many nations. Strangers united in Christ by our own measure of faith,
as John the Baptist is known for greatness. So will every believer be known by their faith in Christ. Our life will testify of Him, and our peace will be measured by Him. All things working together for good for the called according to His purpose.
We will be surprised to see on whom falls the peace of God. Let us judge ourselves and know where we stand with God, because He is slow to anger and rewards those who earnestly seek Him.
New International Version
Then Jesus ordered him, “Don’t tell anyone, but go, show yourself to the priest and offer the sacrifices that Moses commanded for your cleansing, as a testimony to them.”
There are rich famous authors whose exploits are to speak rubbish against the God they don’t know. Excluding faith as a reason for our beliefs. Going viral in their own confusion and with envy of the simplicity that is in Christ Jesus. Who sent His own disciples to confront the world in pairs of two. The wisdom of that is not of this world. To Empower the ordinary thinking man to do extra ordinary things teaching His gospel of peace.
The only high priest we have is the Spirit Jesus, and the sacrifice He requires is to take care of the widows and the fatherless. All His commands can be summed up in this one thing: Love God and your neighbor as yourself. So we do the works of God in prayer and by our deeds. By our deeds because how can we love without giving of our substance? Who is my neighbor you ask? Generally speaking it is that person you know who is in need of love. Friend or foe, gay or straight, any and everyone we know. How is it possible to love everybody you remark? You do that by the love for yourself which comes from loving God. If you can love God who created everything, you can love the things He created instinctively. If you don’t love God then hating is just as easy.
The devil is a liar we all agree. There is an instance where he actually tells the truth. When he accuses and slanders us before God. He is right on all counts of us being sinners. That’s why we have an advocate Christ Jesus to plead our case. God the father sees us all the same way, in that He does not recognize us at all. He only sees Jesus Son of God. That is why our lives must be hid in Christ. Now if only our churches would see ourselves the way God does, and allow Jesus to do what He does best, which is to be Christ to all who the Father draws to Himself. We have our own brand of holiness, but ultimately we are only prodigals who claim our own.
I don’t recall an experience where Jesus had a good report with any man-made temple. Nevertheless, according to traditions He never neglected the gathering of organized worship. He encourages us to do the same. It’s time we open our doors to everyone saying, whosoever will let them come. The world is tired, and is looking for sanctuary. The Spirit of The Lord wants to be poured out so much that our churches won’t be able to contain It, but it is hindered because we think that we must redo the world in our own traditions.
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