Can I get a Witness

True Witness
John 4:24 Parallel

“Not a white bird in a stained glass window, 
Not an old wooden cross covered in diamonds.

Instead worship God in Spirit and in truth.

Why must we be sick unto death of an unworthy communion.

If Jesus walked in body I would wash His feet.

Even with my own hair for the pain He endured on my behalf.

Or rather knowing Him, He would wash mine for the love of each other.

I in Him and He in me.

As one like He and The Father is One.

That was His purpose and His calling.

So don’t sell me a graven image for worship.
Or a trumped up emotion for holiness.

Give me Jesus in the Word,

Because He and the Word is one.

Rightly divided in Spirit and Truth.”

To the bridge now
Can I get a witness

For the death of my testator.

To the bridge now

Can I get a witness

For the sovereignty of my Savior.

Inspired by love for a lost generation.

Gairey Blake

God is a {h} Spirit: and they that worship him must worship him in spirit and in truth.

(h) By the word spirit he means the nature of the Godhead, and not the third person in the Trinity.


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