Cheer Up

“Cheer Up”The agenda of every person should be to see God in their own lives because he is there. Unfortunately for many we can only experience Him in our sad times when our flesh overwhelms us. As was with Hagar who had Ismael, son of Abraham. In her adversity she confessed to seeing God.

There is nothing like having your own one on one relationship in the Spirit of God. How ever that is, it’s yours and nobody can take Him away from you because He won’t leave. God is there for better or for worst.

As for myself, yesterday I felt sad and overwhelm in myself. No one knew except for God and a coworker who ask, are you ok? So I smiled and replied. Sure I’m fine.

I wasn’t aware of the attitude my disparity created in me. But someone noticed, it was Jesus. He asked, why are your countenance low? Momentarily I answered, because my flesh overwhelms me. Haven’t I been good to you He remarked. Then there was a silence as I reflected on how much God has been good to me. Not long later I received a personal message in my spirit, and I know that it was from an angel of The Lord. He said, it is never about where you are, it’s about where I am taking you.

In my remorse I wondered how can I make it up to Him for causing Him to feel my pain and I knew that to worship is all I can do. That is all that He has not done for Himself. So I’m good again for now, but what a mighty God we serve. Fully God and fully human in the person of Jesus The Christ.



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