Consuming Fire

Consuming Fire.You search for the Kingdom of Heaven and His righteousness and the things of this life will be added unto you. That is a bold statement for anyone to claim.

The Kingdom of Heaven is like any other kingdom with a king, laws and subjects. It is invisible to the naked eye. You can’t drive there. It is a walk of faith. You are either there or you are not there. A city sought after by Abraham. Not made by hands but whose builder and maker is God. 

The only way to be there is to believe that God is a rewarder of them who diligently seek Him. 

Believe in God and act on your faith. Faith without work will not produce anything. Have the willingness to work and not be spiritualized into a slothful existence. We are to become preoccupied in the awareness of God. Always making mention of His Kingdom and His righteousness in our hearts and in our communities.
It is so easy to be distracted by the things of this world. Things that God knows we are in need of.

Believe, have faith and do what is desirous of Him. Knowing that it is God who gave us the desires of our hearts. Strange as that was at times. All the good advise men has to offer will not save from the fires of Hell. Only a good relationship with The Word Of God will save us.

Don’t be ashamed of God or the work of Christ, and He will not refuse us the Kingdom of Heaven or the things of it.

This is not a casual pass time, for a casual believer. You run the risk of being lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God. A Christian is to be totally submerged into a relationship with God through Jesus Christ. Saved and baptized in Holiness. Not by works that any man can boast of. 

Every breath, every word and every act of faith is of significance to the omni presence of God in our lives. Individually we have faults to confess one to another. We are no thing in everything. But in God’s perfection all things work together for good for the called who loves Him. Our lives are no longer conformed to the things of this world. Rather we are transformed in the renewing of our minds with the mind of Christ.

Don’t sabotage the search for the Kingdom of Heaven and His Righteousness by searching for things. Things that are a byproduct of The Kingdom Of Heaven.

In our relationship with God through Christ let us realize that God is ‘All And All and Jesus is All in All.’ That the Kingdom Of Heaven is a place in God and Jesus is His Righteousness. That the things we desire of this world cannot be compare to a desire for The Kingdom Of Heaven. They go hand in hand and is yoked together.

Jesus said, ‘that The Kingdom Of Heaven is at hand.’ If we die never being there, then we might never be there at all. So sad especially for a believer who would crucify Christ afresh.

But that’s a sad note to to end on, so let’s fix our mind on wisdom above and not wisdom below. The Kingdom of Heaven and His Righteousness cannot be consumed by fire. It is in itself a consuming fire.




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