A Place In The Kingdom

A Place In The Kingdom Of God

They the people of this world, by the kingdom Satan will say, the Kingdom of God and His Christ is here there and everywhere. They will even look to the entire universe. Doing it all not be subjected to the Righteousness of Jesus Christ in His Kingdom. Professing to be following God by their very own understanding. The truth to their rebellious mind is that they are children of the devil, a devil themselves.

Collectively as believers in God, we make up the kingdom of God. We are in the world but not of this world. A world over grown by weeds

 in His garden. A garden in need of pruning.

Our body is the temple of God The Holy Spirit according to scriptures. Presenting it holy and acceptable to Him is our reasonable sacrifice Because by two or three gathered, God Himself is there manifested in us. 

So seek first The Kingdom and and Jesus, the righteousness of God and all things will be possible onto us. We will do greater things than ever before because Jesus is with God the Father. Whatever we ask by Him in the Kingdom of God. He will hear us. As was Jesus in the resurrection of Lazarus. A story representative of The Kingdom Of Heaven amongst us.


Search yourself first by the Word Of God. Pick up your very own cross daily as a living sacrifice. That is your reasonable offering before any other. ‘Kind words turns away wrath, do to others what you would like done to you, love your neighbor as yourself’ and all that.

* Now This *

 (Just say no to drugs, no means no, go to school, keep away from the in crowd… LOL) It’s like watching a movie and they pop up like weeds in a garden.

*Finally My Brothers And Sisters.*

The Final and first law of God is love in the Kingdom Of God. Take every thought into captivity, pray first and always. Walk in prayer and by the power of The Holy Spirit because the Devil is like a roaring lion seeking subjects for his own kingdom.

Gairey Blake 



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