Forgive And Forget

                      Forgive and Forget  
It would seem impossible to believe that anyone can actually forgive and forget the wrongs inflicted on them. Sometimes forgiving is easy but forgetting is impossible. 

                   Not to worry

There are some things God can’t do. He can’t lie and He can’t remember our sins after he has thrown them in the sea of forgetfulness. There is no going back so don’t go surfing around, just forget about it. Don’t go wading around on the waves of the unforgiven. There are so many times and things to forgive we have lost count. 
                   Stop Counting
Forgiving seventy times seven make life a turbulent sea. But when we throw our offenses in, its impossible to retrieve them. It’s like pouring a cup of water in the Atlantic Ocean and then try to scoop it out again. Don’t be silly, just let it go. 
Sufficient is the evil of this day.
 The gospel of Jesus is the explosive power of God unto salvation. His kind of love covers a multitude of sins. He began with forgiveness and ended with forgetfulness. We all have to forgive and forget because Jesus made it possible. God’s mediator Ransomed for all our faults is that sea of forgetfulness.Washed by the dripping blood of Jesus.
Gairey Blake