Well! Well!! Well!!!

              Well! Well!! Well!!!Guitser.org
                  Mega Cell group.

Since the last outbreak of pentecost,

We have saturated the world by radio and small churches.

Now it’s trendy to have mega cell groups on a flat screen TV.
Well!!       Two Or Three

For every inch of ground we excavate. 

This truth will never be lost.

Where there are two or three gathered in Jesus name, He will be there.
Well!!!         The Yoke

The anointing breaks the yoke means more than a fat cow to me.

Making disciples of men became a message of faithfulness by visionaries to the thousands.

My solemn memory of God can be traced to an anointed man of preaching with a bible in his hand. So full he could hardly speak. Or a kid with a lunch bag that fed thousands.

I pray for many more anointed men, sent of God to rule His house well.

A treasure in the kingdom of God,

sought after like the Holy Ghost, untouched by carnal desires. 

Unnoticed in its place like an old mile marker along the way, measuring time and distance.

Well! Well!!Well!!!



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