Winds of Prayer

           Winds Of Prayer    Take time to read and pray.
Fervent prayer might be exhausting to us.

To wonder, do God ever get tired of us praying.

Troubled minds prays the best, many of us don’t pray in the good times.

And when we do we get this attitude that we pray much better than others.
With one hand in our pockets we wave at God with the other.

Praying on the run we bless God for blessing us.
And then trouble comes and knock us off our high horse.

With both feet on the ground and tears in our eyes we cry, oh my God! Oh my God.
Prayer is like a mighty rushing wind. You can hear it and you can see it

pushing everything in its path.

Pushing clouds, waving trees cooling the earth and controlling the weather.
When we pray that’s what we do.

In one accord like a mighty rushing wind.

We control the events of our lives and others in agreement. 

In every life trouble will come.

But in prayer we unleash heaven to control the outcome of our lives.
God is near to a contrite heart, and is moved by our prayers.

So have no fear and be of good cheer.

And don’t ever get tired of praying.



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