God I Can See




                      God I Can Seehttp://www.cdbaby.com/Gairey

No man can see God and live. But Blessed are the poor in heart for they shall see God. Disregarding the status of the rich and poor. Salvation offers a believers solution.

Our abilities to give in that we receive. Makes us rich in the kingdom of God. Mash down shake down together we stand. In the Spirit of Christ a single man.

I hear a voice say, divide and conquer. Taking increase of a reluctant earth. Squandering her spoils among ourselves. Sucking the life from our guts.

I heard a preacher say, that God will destroy the destroyer of earth. Who can save them, who can save us? The Lord strong and mighty.

The call of the world is loud and clear. Demanding of us our very souls. Like howling wolves commanding attention. We strive to achieve an allusive dream.

Gathering things too much to carry. We struggle with sins too heavy to bare. Buying time on a sunny day. The spirit is hot but the flesh is cold.                           Faith in Christ is a pleasing sight. In Christ we trust is the God I see.



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