Is It Wrong

Was it wrong for God to invade the darkness of the deep and created the world as we know it? Was it wrong to make a man in His own image.

Was it wrong to to save Noah and the chosen animals from the deadly flood.

And to separate Abraham from his own father.

Tell me if you can, was it wrong to spare the life of Moses the deliverer.

Was it wrong to disregard Saul and raise up David.

Was He wrong to send His only begotten Son to die for a sinful world.

Are the lives of so many cloud of witnesses nothing more than vanity.
Is it now wrong to the fulfillment of prophesy. That out of every nation and language the church is called to reunite with the living God.

Tell me if you can is there a way of man that leads not to destruction.

Is there a way to undo the sacrifice of Jesus Christ.

Many who tried have come and gone.

Because there is no other way beyond the birth death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. 

A simple truth for a complicated world.

That God allow according to His own Devine will.



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