Comedy Minute

           No Fun Intended
I’m proud of all my women folks. Especially when First Lady becomes president and former presidents becomes first man.

I saw a video where in a certain country, making reference to girls in the feminine gender is too confusing for the law. They have to find a more gender neutral expression. Words like bitch, slut, etc. etc. no problem. But words like Mother F@£%*er is a no no. Tihi tihi Ha Ha. Oops sorry bzzzz eurk. You feel me? No waah mean? You dig. 

         On a more serious note.

Being a money changer as reference by The bible might not send you to hell, but you might get a whipping before you get to heaven. 

(Now that’s just a little bit better.)
You can’t have love without compassion or compassion without love. 

(Good God! I think I’ve got it.)


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