Go Low Go High

On the six God looked on everything He made and said good. On the seventh day He took what we would call a Holiday day and rested from all His labor. A holiday in our generation is nothing more than a holy day gone bad. The only way to rest in holiness is to enter into that rest of God. If we argue and quarrel on any given day, you can rest assured the peace of God remains an illusion.
There remains a rest for the people of God. Rest from career ambitions, being anxious for things. Having a sense of acceptance that good and evil grows on the same tree. That every tree has its season and that there is a time for everything. That is until the mechanics of time has run its course. At that end of time there will be no need for the light of the sun because God will be our illuminating light. Like entering into that pillar of cloud that lights our way.
Its mush more simple when we believe in Jesus name. To see things the way He does. Sin is real, Hell is enlarged and not everyone will enter into God’s rest. Put away the sin, the weight that so easily besets us. If you knows to do good and don’t do it. To you it is sin. Sometimes it would be better not knowing good or evil. But its too late for that now, everyone does. Alone we are born and alone we will die. So in between that time save yourself. There is also life in the garden of time.img_0049

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