‘All That And A Bag Of Chips’

Why do so many phrases appear and disappear without warning. Remember JJ on the TV show ‘The Jeffersons.’ Without warning he would interject the word ‘Dynamite.’ He was the only person that could get a laugh for saying that.
Then when my children were kids ‘it’s
The Bomb’ was a popular phrase for something great.

Carpet bomb is a method of war fare that kills everything within its radius.
One day we will convert all our weapons into farming tools. Till then I wish that we could coin the phrase ‘forgiveness is the bomb.’ And forgive everyone within our radius. Past, present and future like Jesus did when He said ‘forgive them father they no not what they do.’
It’s the bomb, that would be ‘Dynamite!!’ ‘Right on brother’, ‘word.’
Sounds like a silly thing to say. In fact you could even get flagged for using such words these days. But if we can’t forgive our neighbor we should stop pretending to be ‘all that and a bag of chips.’