Flesh And BloodBy inspiration of Matthew 15

At our conception they called us christians at Antioch. A tremendous testimony for coverts wanting to be like Christ. Who at start of His ministry was lead of the Spirit into the wilderness to be tempted by the Devil. We are in the wilderness today perched on the high steeples mostly surrendering our faith in the Word as it is written.

Although the Word became flesh and lived among us, we wash our hands of Him in favoring the flesh and blood of the innocent. Preaching repetitious jargons that justifies our own righteousness we convert stony hearts for bread. 

Foretold in Matthew 15 of the blind leading the blind astray into a ditch. Like dogs returning to its own vomit. Like ravaging wolves in sheep clothing we preach lengthy sermons and singing songs void of His spirit. In ignorance of the Holy Spirit we proclaim to be on the Lord side. Adorned in shinning lights and glittering suites. I know who I proclaim in the shadows of fame.
John the Baptist pleaded, You are the righteous One more so than anyone. You should be baptizing me instead of me baptizing you. Messiah replied, let it be so in order to fulfill all righteous. 

Then at the end of His earthly life He rode on a slow moving donkey to His crucification. He could have had the most impressive stallion or surfed on the winds of hell. Instead he laid the foundation for lasting and progressive relationship for christians today. 

How blind we are in compromising the life of Jesus to the wealth of the world. Looking down from our high towers and scoffing at Him who made Himself a curse for our salvation.


Cursed is anyone who hangs from a tree. Cursed of His fellows He cried, ‘Father forgive them they no not what they do.’ Then at the completion of His life on earth, He hung His head and died.
Earlier that day they came to arrest Him for the good He did. His disciple drew his weapon cutting an ear off an arresting officer.

I can imagine Saint Peter during his conversion cutting the ears off his enemy to start a holy revolt. He must have been aiming for the top of his head. 

When the enemy comes like a flood truth will walk on water like Jesus did. 

It’s a well known sermon of Saint Peter taking a few steps on water till Jesus grabbed ahold of him. 
Our barbaric traditions makes the word of God of non effect in many ways. Crucifying anyone whose sense of righteousness violates our own. Not only do we cut off ears, we pluck out their eyes for good measure. Establishing ourselves in contempt of the holy book and in the name of God. 
Against the advice of His followers, Jesus went to the cross so that anyone who believe in Him would not perish but have everlasting life. 

Why the shedding of blood for the remission of sin? we ask in despair.
Dust to dust and ashes to ashes God amended His plan. 

From dust we are and to dust we shall return.

Why? Oh why is the shedding of the blood.

For the life of the flesh is the blood.

And the blood of the innocent cries out from the ground.

The banishing of a murderers is too much to bear.

But If we don’t do well sin waits at our doors.

Exonerating the works of the flesh for the life of the innocent. We exploit the life of the poor for the pleasures of sin.

And so on and so on we go. 

As the blind leading the blind.




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