Happy Fathers Day

                       My Treasured Thing

Is it a bird, a plane or a super man? Attracting women from the corners of the globe. Fathers are ordinary men with the birthright of a god. Oh boy!

When it comes to being sentimental I’m as old fashion as they come. I’ve had the best gifts over the years. This year I was offered a radio a new radio for my 2002 Envoy, so much love. Post cards, watches, clothes, music instruments, hats, shoes, dinners and more. Ok so you are into muscle cars, golf clubs and accessories to match. Let’s keep it real, what you see is what you get . At the end of the day most fathers wants to be home with their families. Michelle Obama said of her husbands that he wore the same tuxedo for eight years as president. Who would have noticed, it’s a man thing!
There is something godly about a man being home at the end of the day with wearable old gift, for sentimental reasons. Taking note that everyone’s a little smarter when they can put one over on the old guy. But it’s a all good, God the Father suffer the same thing and find pleasure in allowing us to ask whatsoever we will in the name of His Son. That’s the kind of love He has for us. The kind of relationships we have at home is most likely the kind of relationship we have with God. Relationships with each other reflects our relationship with Christ the bridegroom and our fellow servant the church and bride. Who among us can say that they get along well with God and man. Not me, I’m not there yet.
I negotiated with my father about staying out late after dark. He could have given me a curfew but instead he open my mind to something more thought provoking. ‘The birds will fly all day and before dark they’ll come home to roost. Can’t allow birds to be smarter than we are, he said.’ Way to go dads, you’ll get another pocket watch for that one. I had a bird house in my back yard with pigeons. I watched them everyday and sure enough they’d leave early and came back early. Until one day they never came back at all. But that’s another story of itself.
                                     Now This
This is my beloved son in whom I am well pleased echoes like a bell on Sunday. Ringing in affirmations of Gods good pleasure. Which without, we go searching until it’s found in someone or something else. Like a treasure lost in our house, we go in search of it. It doesn’t take much to lose that treasured thing these days with the high divorce rate. The blues said that ‘it’s cheaper to keep her’ now it seems their saying it’s cheaper not to have her at all. Makes you want to cry like Jesus, My God My God! Why have you forsaken us.

Sign of the times my dear boy, no way around it but to go through these days.
Many of us caring fathers are counting joys, as stupid and naive when the morals we keep is of a strong man of God. Criticizing our standards became there downfall. Whose morals are as primitive as a snake in the grass. Even our own children will consider the ways of the world. But that’s alright, so did our own foolish hearts.

Any man can produce a child, but who can be a good father?

There are many pit falls to encounter when we sanctify ourselves to be the bishop of our household. Ruling well as the husband of one wife. Constantly asking ourselves, how well is well enough in the image of God.
                              Hear This

His children hears His voice and will follow. Learning from an early age to differentiate between the voices.

My father had his business and I knew from early that his business was not for me. I can still hear his conversations. They weren’t always the best but I found balance by talking to him. Hearing his voice from within his chest I learned to talk with God. I live by what I know of them. Things that are felt in our hearts. Good or bad he is ‘The Man.’ Expecting that we are ready made to do great things. Speaking with authority to our problems like wise old men. Not to go babbling all day like angry women. Who can tell the difference these days? 
Real women knows a real man when they see one and her desire will be towards him, according to Genesis to Revelation. This must seem like random babbling, lacking specific details and instruction. Nonsensical and vague to more trendy thoughts. This is where we separate the men from the boys and the women from the girls.
                            As I was saying
 Burdens are easy when we remember to speak the word of God to our problems. Asking whatsoever we will according to His Son. Where else can we find a father who offers his children so much. It takes a honorable man to lengthen our days. In as much as it only took one man to stop the sun setting. We do what we can with what we have, that’s good enough for me.
I often hear a woman say that she is mother and father to her child. That’s commendable of her and I understand, but that can never be so. Real men are fathers and he couldn’t be a real mother if he tried. Single parents are as capable as anyone to their children, but they will all agree that the authenticity of a two parent home is a better model.
The comparable qualities of fathers is not what we do that is so exceptional. It is that our children will honor us for being their treasure. If you don’t believe me, look around. See for yourself and come to your own conclusion. More power to you if your life says different. Fatherhood is a binding connection in our hearts. Not all our experiences are good but like the itching of a lost leg, a missing father is a treasured loss and children will never stop reaching for their treasured thing. 
 Capable and domesticated as we might have become, it’s not good to hang around the house all day. If we do, then even the birds are smarter that we are. Young men sitting around playing video games all day when they should be learning the expectancies of a man to become a father. It’s not child abuse to turn the smart tv off and I don’t imply that gamers make bad fathers, but based on my own experience as a father, it’s a full time job with lots of overtime. If you can’t tell the difference between a hot radiator and a spinning generator you need to start using all your fingers and give the thumb a rest. I’ll get a weather radio for that one. 

Confusion is a father of its own and the devil is the author of that. He knows fully well where we are going. That the sacrifice to take care of the fatherless and widows is a strong hold to break. A jester that signifies his defeat at the end of the days. A father of lies has the intention to lie, steal and murder his way into our homes. Dividing parents from their children and husbands from their wife’s. Why are good girls attracted to bad boys? While nice boys finish last.
The Word said it would be as in the days of Noah. All of heaven is waiting for us to be reunited into the family of God. To continue in ways that are unimaginable to us now. A place where marriage between a man and a woman is not necessary. OMG, we have to wait for it, we not there yet. It’s a great error to believe, that life in heaven is an extension of our life now. A father who serves his family well now will be a great son to our Heavenly Father.

Let us be the best that we can in the kingdoms of God. Happy Fathers Day Bud.


                                      The End


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