All the superhero movie I have seen are explosive and violent. The only real superhero came to earth quietly and left quietly. At the cross  explosive things things happen. Things that makes good movies. 

The Earth quaked, the vail of the temple was destroyed, people saw love one’s who had passed walking, the sun was dark during the day. At the resurrected ascension of Christ Jesus, his followers saw him absorbed into the clouds.

You could hear a pin drop until the angel said, ‘This Jesus, who was received up from you into the sky will come back in the same … you into heaven, shall so come in like manner as ye have seen him go into …

Who knows? Will we follow Him in the same manner.  Everything happens in a moment for us, but I can take a long time to complete. Our own ascension into the clouds will happen in an instant. Will there be enough believers in Jesus Christ  to create a violent erruption as it was at the cross? Looks like violence is irrupting all over the earth. People come and go, in and out of the temples at will. Or will it be so few that you could hear a pin drop as it was when Jesus went away into the clouds. That’s a question we have to answer for ourselves as the most holy temple is open to everyone. With such a great cloud of witnesses that have gone on before, I suppose is enough to  make all the other superheroes look like fairytales. All this speculation won’t matter. It is what it is and will be what it already is.

Observed by the faithful few, waiting for the third encounter of the ‘Left Behind.’ In a moment of the twinkle of an eye seems more likely a transformation than a travel time into the presence of God. There are many movies that show the dead floating towards the light at the end of a tunnel. I don’t know about that, I thing the light came to us all and many prefers the darkness over the light. I guess you could say they’ve got tunnel vision.

 Christ is already preparing  a place in heaven even as the spirit of the spirit of the antichrist is preparing a place here for the antichrist and his many followers. As everyone is expecting someone to show up, is my house ready for His house in heaven as it is on earth. We all have to answer that question before that great and terrible day. When Christ comes again with fire in His eyes. All the world is lined up for that new world order of superheroes, what’s to become of ordinary folks like us. Try Jesus. 

Have you notice that many people goes to church without a bible in hand? We now reference the internet for the word of God. What if Seri said, I’m not a human, I don’t know the answer to that bible question. All the answers are there in the computer but we don’t know how to ask or we ask incorrectly.  Can you see where I’m going with this? If we can’t interperat a constitution that is so well informed, who will the word of God without the Spirit of God? The spirit of the antichrist will.


One day this world will be a better place for spiritual gangsters on Father’s Day.


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