Stranger At Times

            Stranger At Times

According to Solomon there is a danger in the reading of too many books. To become fragmented by the ideas of other people. We risk becoming personally lost in every wind of doctrine. But when kindred spirits transcends our differences maturity becomes us, to love each other to death. To be spontaneous and free. It doesn’t cost much to be neighborly when we give of ourselves to pray one for the other with open eyes. A smile, a kind word or anything that says to a stranger, we are all human here. 

I walk my dog daily and have notice how keen she has become at recognizing the affectionate people. At times being reluctant to engage someone. My guess is that there something about our human behavior that is standard in our approach. Determining at face value who we presumed to be familiar. Fostering a sense of fear that says, don’t talk to strangers. Understandable so, how lovely it is when children play together. Watched carefully by nervous parents. There have always and will always be a place among us for social media. It is the uncontrolled urge to connect with others by any means necessary. An urge that is greater than our fear of strangers.
Today I went to visit the historic Kingsley Plantation in Jacksonville Florida.

Siri directed us to a little dirt road to a forest in the middle of a swamp. I mentioned in conversation how long It took to travel half of mile. My wife remarked, that’s how it is when you are driving five miles an hour. Yea you are right, so long as we don’t have to walk back. I don’t think roadside assistant comes this way. Now why you have to go saying that! she gasped? Makes me wonder just how far we have come since this beamer was a horse drawn buggy. 

Along the way we passed two strong bearded white men casting there nets in a mud hole. I thought of that movie where the hikers made a wrong turn and ended up canned by canibols. That was a horrible movie. I watched it several times and was scared every time. If you haven’t seen it, don’t watch it. The writer and producer had me convinced that even canibols need to eat and that’s sick. 

On arrival we spent an hour at the plantation where early settlers and slaves worked and lived. It’s a well preserves forest in the middle of swamp lands protected by the park association. The idea of visiting a place where people were enslaved reminds me of another movie ‘roots.’ The known history of this Kingsley Plantation reads more civil than the usual master and slave story. It’s said that the slaves had rights and Mr. Kingsley was a polygamist. We just can’t believe everything we read. Good will always triumph evil but it reads boringly to our sinister nature. You have to search all the comments on social media to recognize our own embellishment to the story.
There are no shortage of good and bad people from all walks of life. The atrocities of life and the influence of being civil is knitted into the fabric of our lives. To balance the equation we need to lower our expectations of others to be what we wish for ourselves. To become the recipients of a quite and contrite spirit in a loud and angry world is deafening. Tolerance seems weak and misguided to insecure people hell bent on having their own way. Preaching that bigotry is the gospel truth when in fact the gospel travels on our differences in search find a kindred heart.
The Bible says to be careful how we entertain a strange because there are angles among us. Yet we tend to judge others as we think ourselves to be. It is our own past that brought us here but we decide how we are at all times by the renewing of our minds with the washing of Gods Word instead of our own boring tradition. Soap can’t kill the stain on our hands. It simply washes it away with running water. The guilt of our history want renew the future because history transform itself like a metamorphosis process. Most of us find it easier to use a solution that only kills 99.99 percent of our infectious germs. That other one percent makes sure it never totally clean.

The Algorithms of our brain is dictated by our own minds. It’s for our own good that we allow our own minds to adopt the mind of Christ as explained in the books of Bible. Where else can you find a book that includes the reader in its pages. So thoroughly complete to the minds of everyone.
On the plantation I saw a young family taking in the sites as we were. My wife was a little surprised when I ask, would you mind taking a picture with a complete stranger. The ladies said no but the men said why not. Without a hand shake or the exchange of a name we posed for the picture. I raised my phone and fixed my mouth just right as I carefully clicked the button. I went out of my way to engage a complete stranger for no apparent reason other than that we are all here socially yet invisible to each other. Tack fully moving along being mindfull of other others.
My reason to the engage the young stranger was tiggered by a familiar task. Not so long ago I was as he is now. Expressing resolves familiar irregardless of ethnicity. Things as simple as attending to crying baby in a push chair. 

Now I have a friend who I most likely will never see again. A face in a crowd that I hope this memory will do him as well as it did me. 
There is a song by the Beatles that says people are the same wherever we go. There is good and bad in everyone. The good that we do can only be attributed to God and the Church. No matter how we try to corner the market on who and what is good and perfect, Jesus said that only God is Good. Take the time to free yourself from anger and strife and be who God created you to be. You are just another face in a crowd of faces. I’m sure that I have seen this man many times. Who knows? He just might be saying the same thing about me. Thank God for a good day, I needed that.