My Like means a lot.

It’s by commandment that we love everyone as God so love.

Seems like that should be enough to save the world, but it’s not.

We can love or hate our neighbor as ourselves as we do.

But when we love someone or something,  liking them will always go further.

Love will get us in the door. 

Add like to that and you will get much more.

Have you ever love someone you dislike?

Or dislike someone you love?

God loves us so much but He also dislike us for becoming so unlike Him in this long standing desire to raise ourselves above Him. 

For that love of grace and mercy came Jesus. He is not shy about whome He like in His love for everyone. He cried for Lazarus but not for Moses. Or so it seems to me. He liked John more intimately than Judas who betrayed Him with a prophetic kiss. 

We say that love is everlasting. That God is love who who covers a multitude of sin. But when like is added to love it forms a bond much further within ourselves. Cradled in our emotions to which we laugh and cry. So intimate it seem unbecoming of a man. Now a days we can add a woman to that and that’s really sad.

We all know someone like that personally. When it’s all said and done, it’s not who they are. It is who we are  by our own affirmations.

Jesus knows all about us and has a loving kind of weakness toward us. It would help if we made Him our confidant,  He likes that.



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