Who I’m I and why I’m I here?
So often we go in search of reasons why.

That single answer that is our own.

In a sea of reasons we grab hold.

In our songs we confess that we don’t know why

Jesus loves us but we are glad that he does.

The real answer is how could he not loves us?
Why is it that He had to die and we rejoice for it?

When death was our own He conquered it.

How can anyone live or die without Him?
In absence of God time stands still.

Like a wheel that spins

Without rhyme or reason
We wait for the obvious to dart our world.

But nothing happens,

That’s out of this world.
It’s the same old thing in a different way.

For the very same questions we ask

Is always the answer we seeks.
Who I’m I and why I’m I here?

It’s an age old question

That’s too obvious to answer.
We are life and we are death.

And everything in between.

Only God really knows.
Choose life where death is natural

And live where time can’t travel.

For all the many reasons why.



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