The anointing breaks yoke! What does that really mean? We can be anointed by different sources. I wouldn’t mind being anointed by the Queen of England. I can take some really historical selfies with that. To be anointed by my local church is also a wonderful sense of achievement to work for. Why would anyone want to be yoked to anything or anyone? Wouldn’t it be better to foot loosed and fancy free as so many are?
Not so east to avoid the anointing. Everything in human life is at a cost. We are all anointed and appointed do something at the penalty of someone else who was anointed to break the yoke. God has no desire for anyone who is neither hot or cold and refuse to serve anyone and history bares no record of that person. You are either on the side of good or evil. 

The source of an anointing is identified by what every yoke you chose to carry. The anointing you have breaks the yoke from one stage of life to another and we are our very own beast of burden. Hardly anyone wants to live stagnant in their own body. We all have our heroes to live up to. Who are you anointed by and to do what? Jesus said ‘take my yoke upon you… you can be anointed by Jesus but He will always carry His own load so let Him be your hero.


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