What really happened in the garden of Eden?

Did a man and a woman really go wondering around the country side naked.

If you are a fan of naked and afraid you would think not. There are many people even today running around naked. Right here in my neighborhoods they do and no one seem to notice anymore. I noticed that the birds are still dressed in an array of beauty.
Solomon and all his glory never looked so beautiful as a little tropical bird. What really happened there in the garden of Eden. My guess is that it had everything to do with being dressed in righteousness. I would trade my monkey suite for that any day.

Love happened in the garden of Eden. The law of love was violated when they were made aware that they were naked and they became afraid. There is no exclamation for love when it is the law of the land. The occupants of heaven don’t make movies about love relationships. It’s an expectancy that is standard where God is.
Isaiah 61:10 is what happened in the garden of Eden.

Love was an expectancy when God made us because love is alway the fulfillment of God’s law. When love was breached in the garden the law of righteousness came to lead us back into a right standing with God. Love preceded the law and will once again engulfed us in itself. It is presumed that love is our religion but it is more that that when we obey the law also. The law teaches us how to qualify for love and that’s only a problem for people who are aliens to the commonwealth of God.
As beautifully dressed as the birds are, or as much as we love our pets they are not required to be adorned in the righteousness of God. The only heaven they will ever know is us. I don’t understand how we can love our pets and hate God. It’s an admirable quality care for an animal, bird, reptile, insect or whatever else that have life in it. If my dog had a choice between me and God, she would choose God. We have become so righteous in ourselves we are losing the birthright of a human.

For all time love has stayed the law of God towards us which began in the garden. We enjoy a measure of grace and mercy that does not exist in heaven. If you don’t believe me ask Luke 19&18. This kind of love and peace won’t last forever. It is measured of time and sooner or later time will expire. You don’t believe me ask the dinosaurs who died on their feet grazing in the country side. The reminder of Noah’s Ark where of all the people in the world, only one man was dressed in the righteousness of God to save his family. He build an ark in the middle of dry land and preached a flood was coming when he got finish. Ha!ha! who would have believed that. That’s what happen in the garden long before we came to know Jesus as our own personal savior. God used the skin of an animal to show our shame. The reaction of so many I know and love is not much different, I’m sad to say.


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