What In The World?


What ever happen to so many great singers who comfort our souls before we were born again? Singers who are now singing gospel or Christian music, who have come to their own senses and have returned to their roots in God. Singers who came out from God in search of their own and have found no solace for their souls in the world. Singers who can’t really tell the difference between Christian and Gospel music. I admire them although they are not fully accepted in our places of worship. I believe it has to do with our understanding of them being in the world and not of the world. When someone becomes a Christian they often find themselves between a rock and a hard place until we learn how to be in the world and not of the world. We find ourselves in places we don’t truly belong because a man with the heart of God is a sanctified stranger. Not fully merged with anyone. Indifferent and often ostracized because of their personal walk in Christ who saves us.
Follow me as I follow Christ is the voice of an apostle giving his life for what he believes by the examples of Jesus Christ. Not a world view of a man lording over other people while they themselves could never leave the comfort of their protégés.

It is not good to follow after anyone who refuses to wean us to the guidance of the Holy Ghost. Like an olympian high jumper who marks the bar. Takes aim to twist and turn their weight over the pole. Only to realize that right after the last running step, someone raises the bar in flight. They make a good jump but hit the pole every time. A worldly view that strangles our own discipleship. Jesus was given us by His Father and in turn taught us liberty in God. Releasing his own followers in pairs to engage the world. They were all not ready but it was the thing to do proving the validity of a Christian journey. Some makes it over the line while others don’t. It is an ageless question that is posed on every measure of faith that says, Jesus I know, the apostles I know but who are you to judge me?

We learned early in Sunday school that we should let the mind in Christ be in us. A doctrine that divide us in our minds until we learn that it is easier for Christ to occupy our minds than for us to occupy His. God made us and we should not idolize any other man. A Christian is a merging of Christ in us and we in Him. This is not an understatement for the world to understand, that it’s not I but Christ Who lives in me.
The things we do that are uniquely different from anyone else is actually Christ in us reaching out into the world for the lost. Not an occultism of practice but Jesus reaching us where we are as individuals to possess our life on different levels without condemnation. The sons of God will always be rejected by the world because they are identified to be of Christ. Not persuaded by the world or have proven to be not of the world. On this level of maturity all professing believers of Jesus Christ are sons of God. Many suffer lost because we have turned our backs on them, like a sheep without a shepherd. The only Christ we will ever meet is the Christ in you. We were all born sinners to the sons and daughters of men. We are are all people in this world but christians are no longer of this world. So don’t be mad because I say strange things.

We can find the sons of God in the most unlikely places radically doing the works of God. Who are we to judge another man and not ourselves according to the Word Of God. Shouldn’t we as Christian remain in the vocation in which we are called? Who give us the right to duplicate ourselves in the minds of another man? Giving honor where honor is due. To my pastor, my First Lady and last but not least my Lord and savior Jesus Christ.
Many so called secular singers have done much to bridge the gap between heaven and hell that was otherwise closed off to the prodigals like me. Expecting us to peak their revivals because their only intent is revisit the path that lead them to bankruptcy in their own walk with God. The dust of their feet have turned to mud while other cities lay a waste from the anointed of God and we have lost our Sunday Schools to the world. Have you ever heard a great sermon packed with spiritual truth and then instead of a call to be a Christian, they closed saying that all that only worked if you go to church on Saturday instead of Sunday. It’s like thank you very much, now what? Nevertheless where else can they go to hear the word of God except from a preacher.



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