Hell waits for no man like Heaven does.

                                  HELL WAITS FOR NO MAN LIKE HEAVEN DOES

Back in the day when the order of the day was to till the land in return for the yielding of its resources. A good arrangement because what is a man apart from the Spirit who created him. From dust we are and can you think of any one who have not and will not return? Our bodies are consistent with the earth, unable to regulate itself for everlasting life. An exploit that is irreversible irregardless of what we do or believe. We can build our own mansions to the sky but the foundation of earth is all we have to stand and on. Old world or new world, the steps of a righteous man will always be ordered by God.

The blood stain on our hands, on our door and in our hearts is only symbolic of our own nature. No religion, no nation of people and their beliefs can harness the God who governs in our affairs. We have made ourselves renown in our efforts to war against His presence and anyone who embodies Him. That God who allows us to prove ourselves from beneath, yet merciful enough to recreate anew what we have irreversible distorted from above. We can stand our ground in a attempt to point the way to heaven only to missed the mark because evil only knows evil and God knows no evil. His only intent is to preserve the recipients of faith in Him because nature itself will collapse from our falling from His way. Nature does not care about what you believe or don’t believe. Nature is as self serving as we are to shorten our life span. Renewable energy what’s so knew about that? Only an enemy who comes to steal kill and destroy would think otherwise!

 Why the recipients of faith we ask? Because only God can save us from the hell that is to come. Evil begets evil thinking that collectively we can do nothing other than to oppress or be oppressed. We all know someone like that, might even be you. The heart of one man can affect the course of time but only one man can save us and He is the Son of God the Son of Man. In Him all things are made a new and if you were the only soul to be save from the hell that is to come He would do no less than what He has already done. I can’t think of any other lasting solution other than faith in the life of Jesus Christ the Son Of God. Can you?

 It’s like walking along the sea shores watching the tide come in and out. High tide or low tide sooner or later you will have to pack up and go home. You have gone as far as you can walk. Parents stand alert over their babies as they try to wonder off into the deep. The older children surf for a good wave back to shore while the rest of us just sit and watch. Hoping that tomorrow will be another green flag on the life guards shack. I’m sure there is a lot more going on but you get what I’m saying, don’t you?