Stuck On Jesus

              Stuck On JesusOne of my favorite hymn was that it said, ‘learning to lean on Jesus.’ It’s a great song that pacified my discomfort as a Christian. I did so much leaning I can hardly walk up right now that I’m born again. Before that I’m reminded of Lionel Richie singing ‘Stuck on you, got a feeling down deep in my soul I just can’t lose. I’m on my way mighty glad you stayed,’ 
The image of Jesus on the cross for our sins and the characters sense of hopelessness when He died there is a permanent scar in my belief system. All the sermons I heard took me that far in hope of a better life after death. So in the mean time I forgot who I was when I fell in love with Jesus. It’s the best thing I have ever done, but now what? It’s now time for the Holy Ghost, that’s what. Not that He was ever out of time but now that Jesus is gone on before us we must do no less than He demonstrates to us. The Spirit of the Holy Ghost is the Spirit of Jesus in the flesh. The Spirit in us is the Spirit of God.
As hopeless as I felt at the cross where Jesus died it got even more perplexing when He floated off into the clouds and left us with a promise to return. I believe that the birth, death and resurrection is all true and I know I’m saved but in the meantime a hundred and fifty years is a long time to wait expecting heaven. A little problem comes in real handy to pass the time away in the cares of this life. Give it all to Jesus they preach and I tried so hard to obey. So I lean on Jesus but is that what Jesus wants? Why would the baptism of the Holy Ghost be necessary if all we ever do is plea the blood of Jesus and lean on the personality of Christ in the flesh. Even Jesus asked of The Father ‘is there another way to go than to suffer in the flesh? Nevertheless not my will but yours.’ Not many great preachers can truly see Jesus in the Spirit of The Holy Ghost. So we just forget that He is here in Spirit to lead and guide us in all truth. Seem like He had more confidence in us than we do in ourselves. So we waver and doubt and gets nothing in return for all our uselessness. You can’t lead when people are stuck on themselves. If it was today that Jesus walked in the flesh He ask, why callest thou me good? There is none good except God. If you can’t understand that it’s because you are leaning on a promise that has been already fulfilled in the baptism of the Holy Ghost. Like a cell phone with a dead battery that never gets fully charged because we so eager to go back to playing with it. That’s what many of us do, we are only play with God. Ask a non professing Christian anything pertaining to God and they will always surprise us with an answer that is honest. Questions like what would you want from Jesus if He came back to asked you? Most likely answer is salvation. Ask a professing Christian and the most likely answer is more money. The better answer would be to use the gift He gave us of the Holy Ghost.
God is a spirit and those who worship must worship in spirit and in truth. Jesus is as much a spirit as the Holy Ghost is and we as born again believers are too. If we weren’t then what’s the point in being born again? If we are to remain stuck on ourselves in the flesh and the things of this world…. 

I’m too holy for that is our attitude but unless you are crucifying your flesh everyday, you crucifying Jesus Christ every day afresh and only a born again believer can do that to open shame.
In the flesh there is no good thing and this revolving door of validating ourselves in others is crippling us from experiencing the awesome and humble power of The Holy Ghost. We will speak as the spirit gives utterance but we are reluctant to do anything else by the same spirit and when we do we take credit for it. If the world knew what we are capable of it would bid us for a price. The Devil knows and He is more than happy to forward an advance sum of money. To forget who we were when we first fell in love and leaned on the cross of Jesus. When that happens to us the Holy Spirit sends us back to do the first works all over again but our pride won’t let us comply. We know too much now to lean on Jesus and in our relationships we crucify Him all over again in open shame of our reprobated minds.

But He expects better of us in going on beyond the doctrine of the principles of Faith……  according to Hewbrew chapter Six Jesus is stuck on us.



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