He Who Builds A House

A contractor builds a house that someone buys on credit.
The land is marked and cleared of trees.
A foundation is poured by standard habit.
Where there once were trees and weeds.

Now it’s time to establish a perimeter with walls against the winds and prying eyes.
Then a roof on top to block the raining sky.
The equipment and utensils are standard too.
Hidden behind the painted walls by an expert crew.

Now here they come the man and his wife.
Decorating the house they prepare for life.
Children come and children go
Like seeds of a pod from what they know.

Now the place of their birth,
Is tattered and worn for what it’s worth.
On and on they go,
The righteousness of time
Is spent on what they know.
A little more than the wages of their crime.
For God so loved the world…….