The Gift of Peace

                           The Gift 

Ever had a gift you didn’t want but to be polite you accept. 

Took it home and stored it away. Could be you returned it for cash on something more trendy.

‘My peace I give to you not like the world gives‘ is God’s best gift to us.

Not to be a heart of stone but it’s hard on a born-again believer. To be an infidel to every religion.

To be at peace with God is so rear, it seems a ridiculous gift to have. Interpreted as being passive in a modern world.

Nothing new about that, like Jesus on trial without a lawyer. Like sheep to a slaughter house.

A man of peace is out of this world. An  gift much sought after.
You won’t find it at the comedy platform, or in the flattery of profane laugher. Where cups runs

  over in the guise of peace.



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