Fake Praise

In your place of worship have you ever find yourself in the middle of a fake praise?

The congregation of Jesus ministry was not a reflection of a Roman court. They were very informed people in the custom of their religion. Jesus Christ more so than anyone else. Not only did He have the genetic race of His Father David He never stopped being The Son Of God in His mind and Spirit. Let this mind be in you that is in Christ Jesus. I’m sure that there is a very elaborate Hebrew translation here but I prefer the Holy Ghost as my translator. It feels like getting caught in a rip current without a life jacket. You can’t fight except to go with it until you are free. Angling ourselves away from the current’s direction out to sea. Then swim back to shore walking in the Spirit of God. Don’t be a prodigal all your life. Go on home where you belong. I can hear the preacher say, ‘ I don’t know who I’m talking to, but I’m talking to somebody here today. Sitting still with their toes curled up. Nervously looking straight ahead wondering. Can you get any Bible out of this?’ What wouldn’t we do for a cool drink of water from the wells of salvation. Even then we can’t really drink to our sufficiency until we drink from the fountain of Life.

You rushed in late in the middle of praise and worship. So accustomed to the form and fashion, it is no longer heart felt. There is a sense of caution in your mind that says, danger, danger! wondering, “should I leave or should I wait until something supernatural happens?” Certain songs are so moving you would think the heavens are about to open up. Some will dance and shout while others keep time with their hands. The nations of the congregation are as varied as the music. It’s a beautiful thing when you can find yourself in the song. It doesn’t have to be authentic, just a resemblance of our different cultures,
please. I don’t have to understand the languages, as long as we are here to worship. I know who I serve.

I tried desperately to clear my head. To consecrate my mind and spirit from the work week and the morning rush. It took us longer to get dressed than it does for song service to get through.
The term “song service” is so impersonal. It invokes the thought that the songs are to service us, and if it’s not to our liking, God will just have to wait. No discredit to the true worshippers in the congregation. A song is our expression of praise to whom we serve. A heart to worship will reverence God.

There are different ways to give God praise He is centered in love not our rationale.
To experience love in anyway is noteworthy of God’s calling. The way you love yourself, family, friends, enemy, pets etc. God is the center of all that. The devil wants nothing to do with love, because love will always send a text message to the kingdom of God. God is not waiting for a perfect rendition of a song. God is attracted to your demonstration of love.
Remember when His attention was drawn to Sodom. That’s not necessary the best way to get His attention, but He will enter our gates with a knock on your heart as we enter His courts with praise. All we need to have is a love connection to the presence of God.

Without a godly Pastor, a godly friend or relative, this experience can be a stormy one. What if Abraham had not intervened on Lot’s behalf? Or, what if the angel of the Lord had not recognized His friendship with Abraham and briefed Him on the fate of Sodom? There are a lot of factors that lead us to salvation, including being at the right place at the right time. Abraham was not in need of deliverance the way Lot was. Ultimately we are all in need of a Savior. Some more urgent than others. To be a friend of God in fellowship with the family of God, is not a business proposal among ourselves. Abraham enters into a negotiation with God on behalf of the people of Sodom. So much so that in respect of his proposal, the angel dragged Lot and his family out by hand before it was burned.

The most likely reason we end up going to church is to enter His courts with praise. the best way we know how. Sometimes we have to fake it to make it, but our hearts are in the right direction. As to how far we journey into the Heart of God, depends on our determination to love God and our neighbor as ourselves. Not anything else. That’s a beautiful thing. No man can come to the Son unless the Father draws him, and He knows our hearts. We can beseech God in prayer much like Abraham did for Lot. Remembering where we were when God called us to His Son. The difference between a newborn and a born again teenager. It might take a while to enter His courts, but it will be worth it beyond commitments of our religious order.
Today my wife served me coffee, an egg sandwich and orange juice. I asked, “Do you mind if I sip my juice as I eat? She replied, there is no one here to critique your sense of etiquette behavior”. Or the lack there of, I thought to myself. There are many Christians like that. No matter how ridiculous the mission statement, we know in whom we serve. Always being careful not to number and limit the people of God. My heart goes out for those who can never transcend the politics of religion.

The best Pastor and a man of God I’ve ever heard preach said, ‘if you can drive through the storm, you can make the trip.” The storms of life will blow and rain, but with God we are in a safe place. There is no faking that at any given time.