Knock Knock!! Who is there?

Knock Knock! Who is there?

Some of us will say to opportunity, I’m not ready. While other’s response is always ready. Some never grow up in their purpose while others run to and from anything that comes along. God bless the one who is applying themselves to change. 
(And he said unto them, ‘Why is it that ye were seeking me? did ye not know that in the things of my Father it behoveth me to be?’) that’s was Jesus response to Mary His Mother. Almost a teenager. Wonder what His teenage years was like. If it was anything like mine and yet He did no wrong, it pays to have God as our Father and Jesus as a savior. We forget that everything happens according to and because God so love the world.
Success might not reserve us a place in heaven but we can find a little heaven here on earth. God has no use for slothfulness or procrastination in the damming of a nation. The world knows fully well what Jesus is about and what God is doing. 

Be fired up or be as cold as ice. Like my good friend told me years when I worked for him. ‘ Do something even if it’s wrong.’ You can’t fix or perfect anything if it does nothing at all. At least that’s what I got out of that statement. We get so busy protecting our ministry and our faith we suffocate ourselves to no earthly good.
So where are we as a people? Are we running around in the increase of knowledge or are we sitting around singing by and by Lord when the morning comes. When all the saints of God are gathered home. Some of us know that He will come as a thief in the night. All and all it’s a play on words but as we grow older and wiser we should find ourselves in favor with God and man. God won’t change His plan simply because we not ready. He won’t wait forever while we try to figure Him out.
If Jesus had to grow in wisdom and in favor with God and man then why not us. Our opportunities are many and only God the Father can cause us to find good success in life and salvation.
Jesus prematurely set off to do His Father’s will with His life but was not in time with His heavenly Father or His earthly mother. In His young zeal to occupy His anointing He found Himself applying knowledge and wisdom. Out of time like so many young or immature Christians do. If we are hot we should be burning up everything we touch. If we are cold we should be solid as ice.
We latch on the the anointing of other men of another time and cause all sorts of uproar. As did Mary who thought she had lost the Son Of God. She was not ready to let Him go. Not like that. I cant imagine the anxiety she had looking for Him. Lost in the company of the ones who would on day conspire to kill Him. 
With an ability to discern the need for change we go knocking about until something opens up. We find ourselves in the wrong place doing the right thing and in the right place doing the wrong thing. Go figure it, God does not go knocking about, throwing mud against the wall. Hoping enough will stick to plaster the whole house. God knows exactly what time it is, where we are and what we are doing. There is no reason to sit and do nothing. Waiting to inherit the halo of another mans head. What about our head? Where is our head at?
Before Jesus was a teenager He went to the church expounding on things only the Son Of God could have known. He went to the right place, but a temple made by men was all there was. Finding favor with God but not yet with even Mary His mother. He went about His Father’s business but no one else understood that. That was not the right time for God. There is a fullness of time for everyone. We just can’t make it up as we see fit to the Holy Ghost and ourselves. God is still in charge until the fullness of time when He gives it all to His Son. No father or mother should have a problem with that good gift.
First Jesus had to submit to his fellow man and He grew older and wiser. Then one day unknowing to Himself, God was ready to set Him to His purpose as the Messiah. His mother called for Him at a wedding to turn water into wine. She must have had a few swig at the jug herself to be so daring with the power of God. A request worthy of rebuke but to be in favor with man is always worthy of a rebuke. Especially of us who is so full of knowledge with the gift to discern between heaven and hell. My choice of words lays proof to that fact. But who am I not to write what I hear.
Are we there yet? No we are not. God knows what He is doing. We can’t simply wish our way to heaven but we can engage the world the best way we know how to. We might be too old to grow in stature, but wisdom has no age. No man can fool God or be a fool for God. In all that they say and do will only prove that there is truly a God. Others will prove to the world that God is in charge and He knows what He is doing.



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