Be Happy

😍Be Happy 😃

A man goes looking for happiness and when he found it. 🧐Happiness said, catch me if you can. 😛In pursuit of happiness he realizes that happy only knowns happiness. 😢

Then I remembered the words to a song that says ‘ don’t worry be happy.’ 😜Everyone was singing that phrase.🤩

Then I decided not to worry only to be criticized for being insensitively happy. 😎So I asked the giver of life what to do and He said, be you happy.😳

On my way back from whence I came I found myself in happiness.🤓 Smiling and saying hello to everyone one. 😁Their eyes searching mine as I did their’s in pursuit of happiness. 🙄

Now with my mouth I say don’t worry because with my eyes I see that I am happy. As Happy as a new born child and full of life.😍

Give thanks to the giver of life.🙏

God bless America.🇱🇷